What is Tai-Chi-Quan?

Tai-Chi-Quan (pronounced tie-gee-chuan) is a series of slow, precise, well practiced movements combined with breathing control that bring about a state of calmness and peace in the practitioner, while simultaneously improving cardiovascular function, strength, and flexibility, and relieving stress and tension. The body, mind, and spirit are regarded as an integrated whole, and the training approach reflects this.

What can Tai-Chi do for you?

Stress reduction. Through the practice of Tai-Chi principles and exercises, the student learns to relax completely. Continuing practice allows the student to become generally more calm, peaceful and centered even when he / she is not actively practicing.

Flexibility and strength. The slow, deliberate and precise movements of the Tai-Chi form are specifically designed, and have been refined over thousands of years, to produce the maximum range of motion in the practitioner, to open the joints, and elongate the muscles. This is accomplished without trauma to the student, and anyone can benefit, no matter where on the “fitness scale” they start.

General health improvement. Practitioners of Tai-Chi enjoy better health, and a longer richer and better quality of life. As we approach and move through middle age and then into the golden age, that gift of health and vitality grows more precious with each day, a wisdom the Chinese masters have known for centuries.

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