Several Wednesday Taiji classes are now available. Lead instructor Mike offers the Wudan 108 step form that was passed down to us by Great Grandmaster Yuan, Master Wang, and Master Bunting. Instructor Nate offers the Wudang 28 step form he learned from the current Master Yuan while studying in China. Mike also teaches the Wudang 10 step Qigong and 10 step Gi Ben Gong.

Attendence and progress in these classes are considered a preperation requirements for the more advanced training offered by Master Bunting. Not everyone is expected to seek this additional level of training.

Students are expected to devote several hours to their study in individual practice at home each week.

Excessive absenteeism or tardiness will result in dismissal from the school.

There is no cost for Taiji training. Donations are accepted to cover costs for group events (fun!). All students are encouraged to attend the Tao study group on Sunday afternoons.

See our blog (linked below) for class schedule and location.

Please be on time for classes, if you are late, so is everyone else. Please be considerate of others time. With that in mind, we know that life happens. It is better to come late than not come at all.

For more information, visit us at IndianaTaiChi.blogspot.com

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